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Robbins Resigns: Noted choreographer Jerome Robbins will resign as co-director of the New York City Ballet on Jan. 1. Robbins, 71, plans to continue writing his memoirs and to develop an autobiographical theater piece. "It's important at my age to do other things. I'm resigning from the New York City Ballet; I'm not retiring from the field," said Robbins, who has worked with the City Ballet since 1949. Though he's stepping down as co-director, Robbins is due soon to begin rehearsals at the City Ballet for a retrospective of his ballets since 1944. The Robbins festival is scheduled to be presented next spring. Peter Martins, the City Ballet's other co-director, will be solely responsible for the company's artistic policy after Robbins' resignation becomes effective. Robbins also is considering working in Europe.

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