Hong Kong

When Paul Kreisberg ("High U.S. Profile Would Only Compound the Dilemma," Op-Ed Page, Oct. 24) warns that "a high profile on the part of Washington" will hurt, not help, Hong Kong, he establishes anew that the lesson of history is that we learn nothing from the lesson of history.

C'mon, this is the beginning of the end for Hong Kong. Forget arguments about persuading China of what it stands to gain economically from a vibrant Hong Kong. The old men in Beijing want power, not profits. That's China!

When the Union Jack comes down July 1, 1997, no matter what the Sino-British accords say about "one country, two systems," you can bet your Tian An Men boots that repression will be the rule--literally.

Hong Kong people know this. As they told me repeatedly during my just-ended month there, because the British never gave them "home rule" and they're sure the Chinese won't, the only vote they can cast is with their feet.

Emigration is Hong Kong's future. America would be silly to pretend it won't accelerate. Let's make our immigration policy one that respects that reality and gain the benefit of what these educated entrepreneurs can give us.


Beverly Hills

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