RELIGION : Falwell to Discontinue Journal

From Times Wire Services

The Rev. Jerry Falwell has decided to stop publication of his monthly Fundamentalist Journal with the December issue, a spokesman said today.

The magazine, started by Falwell in 1982, "did not make money, and it's not something that Rev. Falwell was willing to personally put in the time and energy to make the magazine stand on its own," the spokesman, Mark DeMoss, said.

Circulation, paid and unpaid, was about 70,000, he said. He was unable to give a percentage of paid subscribers. A year's subscription, 11 issues, cost $14.95.

DeMoss said it cost about $750,000 a year to publish the magazine.

The Moral Majority, which Falwell founded, stopped publishing its monthly newsletter when it was disbanded earlier this year.

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