Congress Panel OKs $533 Million in Aid to Poland, Hungary

From Associated Press

House and Senate negotiators late Monday approved $533 million in aid to Poland and Hungary to support economic and political reforms in the coming year.

Included is $200 million as the U.S. contribution to a $1-billion international fund to stabilize Poland's economy as well as money to set up private sector development programs of $45 million in Poland and $5 million in Hungary.

A series of smaller initiatives would promote environmental cleanups in both countries, educational and cultural exchanges, Peace Corps activities and the efforts of union and other groups to promote democratic change.

In addition, the bill would make available $200 million to guarantee payment for U.S. exports to Poland and $40 million in risk insurance for U.S. commercial ventures through the Overseas Private Investment Corp.

The conference committee also agreed to send money to a U.N. population agency for the first time in five years and to put $125 million into new military, intelligence and law-enforcement efforts in the war on drugs in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

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