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Keillor Back on the Airwaves: After more than two years, Garrison Keillor returned to the airwaves Saturday night (locally on KUSC-FM) with "Garrison Keillor's American Radio Company of the Air," which, he says, will not be a continuation or spinoff of "A Prairie Home Companion," the American Public Radio series that attracted 4 million listeners each week. Keillor's plans for this season's 20 shows include "classic American music of all kinds"--from Aaron Copland to Duke Ellington, country music to Broadway. Singer Eileen Farrell, pianist James Tocco and opera's Marilyn Horne are scheduled to guest star. And the humorist says his monologues will return, but with less of a focus on the Midwest. "I've a lot of things I want to talk about, some of which have to do about New York," where Keillor is now living. "But I don't have any need to do a routine on New York. . . . " Keillor, 47, left his home base of St. Paul, Minn., with his wife, Ulla Skaerved, for Denmark in 1987 and settled in Manhattan later that same year.

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