Thatcher, Conservatives Lag in Opinion Polls


Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher faced growing political trouble Sunday as opinion polls put her Conservative Party's popularity at its lowest point in nine years.

Two-thirds of those polled said she should quit.

Two days ago, Thatcher, 64, confounded expectations that she would step down after the next general election, saying she is prepared to lead her party into two more elections "by popular acclaim."

However, an opinion poll in the Sunday Times showed the opposition Labor Party with 51% support--14 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives. It was Labor's biggest lead since 1980.

Another poll in the Observer showed that two-thirds of the voters believe Thatcher should resign before the next general election, which must be called by mid-1992. It showed that 44% believe she should quit now, while 22% would like to see her go in 1992.

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