WORLD : Abu Nidal Reportedly Dying of Cancer in Libyan Hospital

From Times Wire Services

Abu Nidal, among the most feared Palestinian terrorist leaders, is hospitalized in the Libyan capital of Tripoli with what Algerian sources described today as "terminal cancer."

One Algerian medical source who recently returned from Libya denied a published report that Abu Nidal has been placed under house arrest by Libyan police in response to pressure from Egypt and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

"In reality, Abu Nidal is in a military hospital in Libya suffering from a cancerous metastasis which is probably terminal," the Algerian physician said. He insisted that his name be withheld.

Metastasis is the spread of disease from one part of the body to another.

Other Algerian sources recalled that Abu Nidal, 52, was treated in Bulgaria for cancerous complications several years ago.

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