WORLD : Casolo Retains Ramsey Clark

From Times Wire Services

Former U.S. Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark said today he hopes to travel to El Salvador on Wednesday to represent an American woman who was detained after police discovered a large stash of arms under her house.

Clark, who served under former President Lyndon B. Johnson, said he had been retained by the mother of Jennifer Casolo, a 28-year old church worker, and Christian Educational Seminars, the group she works for.

Clark said formal charges have not been filed against Casolo, who is being held under special emergency laws.

Casolo was detained in San Salvador on Sunday after police, acting on a tip from a guerrilla who was under interrogation, found a large stash of arms and ammunition under Casolo's home, including 21,000 rounds for AK-47 rifles, 103 grenades and explosives.

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