‘Good Neighbor Policy’ Urged for Coyotes Seen Near Houses : Teacher Criticizes Negative Reference in Article

I was delighted to see the article on Oct. 22 describing Teri Uyemura’s classroom written by (Times Staff Writer) Denise Hamilton. It was especially nice to see because I am also a teacher at Washington Middle School.

I liked the way she captured the flavor of the classroom, and some of the descriptions of the students were very honest. However, there was one sentence that bothered me. It said “Unlike some of the other teachers they have for electives, Uyemura commands students’ respect.”

I teach typing, which is an elective that many sixth graders take. I know the computer, art and music teachers quite well. None of us were contacted or observed by Hamilton. I wonder why she feels students do not respect us. I have invited her to my classroom.

I look forward to more articles about Washington but hope that negative statements are eliminated unless they are based on fact.