NATION : Prostitute Testifies to Frank Ties

From Times Wire Services

Self-described prostitute Stephen Gobie appeared today before members of the House Ethics Committee to testify in a closed session about his involvement with Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.).

"I came to praise Congressman Frank today, not to bury him," Gobie said to reporters as he entered the committee room in the Capitol.

The committee chairman, Rep. Julian C. Dixon (D-Los Angeles) said the committee "is conducting business today in the form of taking a deposition."

Frank, an acknowledged homosexual, has said he paid Gobie $80 for sex in 1985 and subsequently hired him with personal funds to serve as a housekeeper and driver from July, 1985, through August, 1987. He has denied other allegations by Gobie, including one that Frank knew Gobie was running a prostitution ring from Frank's Capitol Hill apartment.

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