WORLD : Ceausescu Ridiculed in China

From Times Wire Services

An unsigned poster mocking deposed Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu and China’s hard-line leaders went up at Beijing University, birthplace of China’s spring democracy movement, a source said today.

“Lost dog,” read the poster, which was put up over the weekend--after Ceausescu’s flight from his palace in Bucharest and before his arrest and execution.

It said the dog, named Ceausescu, might be coming to China to join four other dogs--a reference to China’s senior leader Deng Xiaoping, Premier Li Peng, President Yang Shangkun and Communist Party chief Jiang Zemin.

The poster, which authorities swiftly took down, violated martial law regulations in force since May, when Beijing University students led massive protests for democratic reform in China. Deng ordered the army into Beijing in June to crush the protests, leaving hundreds and possibly thousands dead.

It was the third illegal “big character poster” in Beijing this month, according to Chinese and Western sources.