Boat-Slip Rent Hike

I am a boat-slip renter in the Bayshore Marina operated by the Irvine Co. in Newport Beach and a resident of Orange County. It is my understanding that this company leases water rights from Orange County.

The slip rent increase from $13 to $16 per foot effective Feb. 1 cannot be justified either economically or morally. This increase is on top of an increase of $2 per foot that went into effect last February. I have been an Irvine slip renter for 3 1/2 years, and my initial rent was $10.25 per foot. This is an increase of 64% in that time.

I strongly protest this latest increase and cannot understand the basis for it other than greed. I do not enjoy access to unlimited funds to pursue my boating interests.

The average person is being priced out of the enjoyment of boating in Newport Beach, and the Irvine Co. is enjoying obviously enormous profits utilizing public tidelands.