Profits From Berlin Wall Should Help E. Germans

Regarding Martha Groves' piece ("Selling the Wall," Dec. 2) on the sale of the Berlin Wall, something was very wrong with the idea of selling pieces of cement which symbolized, at least for me, the suffering of many people. Freedom does not cost a mere $10 for 2 ounces. This "historical artifact" represents lives lost, families separated for years, and hopes and dreams trapped behind a wall of these very pieces of cement.

Selling the wall now seems irreversible. The profits from the sale of these pieces, however, can be directed to many sources which would help those who had once been trapped behind it. On Saturday morning, I began calling the managers of the Robinson's department stores listed in your article. I asked them to relay my concerns to their corporate executives that this entire idea seems in poor taste and insensitive to those who consider the crumbling of the Berlin Wall a symbol of "freedom."

Although I have been a Robinson's customer for over 20 years, they lost my business for this entire holiday season, and thereafter, as long as they offer these pieces of the Berlin Wall for sale without dedicating their profits to the East German people who need it now.

It is the season to be generous and sympathetic to those all over the world who live and die for peace and freedom. It is not too late for Robinson's to become a shining example to us all!


Woodland Hills

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