New Year’s Birth

When I read the article about Dr. Charles Wesley Turner Jr. and his timed delivery of Myra Palmer, I was compelled to write. The gray areas of obstetrics I leave to the obstetricians and the lawyers to debate. I am not an obstetrics nurse.

The part of this story that bothered me had to do with Dr. Turner’s belief that God was working through him, helping him achieve this birth for the television event. I am certain that he believes this to be true and that he believes he did the right thing. What I am also certain of is mankind’s track record of committing atrocities in the name of God, all the while believing that they too were doing the right thing. We all need to be aware of this, no matter what our religion, or belief system.

When we are swayed by our religious leaders into having a baby for TV, paying for an air-conditioned dog house, or giving money so that God won’t “call our minister,” we are putting our faith in leaders whose actions, at best, are questionable. May we all wake up and smell the coffee.



Yorba Linda

Kathryn J. Tait is a registered nurse.