Guards at the Polls

Your editors are very righteous that the "lessons of the poll guards must not be obscured."

Your editors did not spell out the lessons that they had in mind, but I suspect that different people will come up with very different lessons.

For example, I learned that non-citizens (both legal green-card holders and illegals) need have no hesitation to register and vote in any and all U.S. elections. Because of this poll guard settlement, it is unlikely that in the future anyone will feel that they can afford to even think about enforcing the probable felony violations of our registration and voting laws. After all, the uniformed guards held signs written in Spanish reminding the voters that "it is a felony for non-citizens to vote," and they were forced to pay $400,000 for this rash act.

Can you afford to pay $400,000 for the privilege of reminding persons that they may be committing a felony? I doubt it.



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