Unwanted Fetuses

At the present time the controversy between pro-abortionists and anti-abortionists seems insoluble. I believe, however, that I have a solution.

Embryo transplant using in-vitro fertilization has become a reality in animal husbandry, especially in cows. If a similar technique could be found enabling a fetus to be transferred from the uterus of a woman who means to abort it (murder it, as a pro-lifer put it), to another uterus of a woman who would save it from its impending murder--why lo!--the problem is solved.

Every female pro-lifer would have the opportunity to volunteer her uterus to grow the unwanted fetus in and thus prevent the murder, while enabling the natural mother to be rid of the unwanted pregnancy. It would enable the pro-lifers to "put their money where their mouth is."

Who knows, perhaps with an all-out investigation akin to the Manhattan Project, further research might enable men to become surrogate mothers.

Furthermore, this would enable the Bush Administration to identify the new enemy it so desperately needs now that the pusillanimous Russians are withdrawing from the field. A war to make the world safe for unwanted fetuses. The prospects are mind-boggling.



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