2-Year College Installs Condom Dispensers


As part of an AIDS prevention effort, Antelope Valley College in Lancaster installed its first two condom dispensing machines in student restrooms Friday.

The machines were installed in the men’s and women’s restrooms in the campus student center at the recommendation of a health and safety committee composed of college officials and students.

“Actually, there’s many other colleges that have beat us to the punch on this one,” said Steve Standerfer, a spokesman for the two-year college. He said UCLA, UC Riverside and community colleges in Glendale, San Bernardino and Fresno are among those that already have the machines.


The college, which has about 8,600 students, plans to use any profits to pay for AIDS and sex-related programs on campus, Standerfer said.

Thus far, the college has not had any controversy or protests about the dispensers, Standerfer said.