NAMES IN THE NEWS : Blacks' 'Psychological Slavery'

From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports

Journalist Tony Brown told a predominantly black audience that American blacks are crippled by a self-imposed "psychological slavery" that keeps them from achieving success.

Brown said blacks are held captive by a myth: "If white America doesn't provide an opportunity for them, they won't have one."

"You are psychologically dependent on someone else," Brown told about 500 people at the annual fund-raising dinner of the state chapters of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People on Saturday night.

Brown, host of the black affairs television series "Tony Brown's Journal," said the civil rights movement has brought changes in laws that were needed to give blacks an equal footing.

But it takes more than legislation to reverse a 200-year-old mind-set of inferiority that plagues many in the black community, Brown said.

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