Jackson Dances--'It Comes From Her Soul'


Janet Jackson, who says she never took a dance lesson, gave the crowd one during a 90-minute concert that kicked off her first-ever tour.

The choreographed moves of Jackson and six other dancers repeatedly brought the sellout audience of 15,000 to its feet Thursday, turning Miami Arena into a "Rhythm Nation."

The show marked the start of a worldwide tour that will include more than 100 performances in nine months.

Jackson made her first appearance from behind a screen after a platform slowly lifted it from the floor to 20 feet above the stage. Then the dancing began.

"She's not a trained dancer," choreographer Anthony Thomas said in a preconcert interview. "It comes from her soul. She's a natural. She's unbelievable."

Celebrities in the crowd included baseball pitcher Dwight Gooden and singer Whitney Houston.

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