Differing Views of 'Loner on the Left'

The article on Ramsey Clark by Josh Getlin is a wonderful story about a great American ("Loner on the Left," Feb. 18).

But it surprisingly omitted any mention of Clark's visit to Panama this year following the U.S. invasion. Clark reported on the secret, mass graves of Panamanian civilians, as well as on the U.S. disinformation program to conceal the large number of dead and wounded resulting from the attack.

The derisive remarks by Elliott Abrams, former assistant secretary of state for Central and South America during the Reagan Administration, were revealing. Abrams is the antithesis of Ramsey Clark. Abrams is an awful failure who left a wreckage of lies, deceit, gun-running and illegality in his government duties. Apparently, he is still available for more dirty work.

Ramsey Clark seems to me to be a modern John the Baptist, a prophet who is concerned about the human, moral issues of our times, no matter what the danger to his own head. God bless him.


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