Soviet Troops to Leave Mongolia in 2 Years


The Soviet Union announced Friday after talks in Ulan Bator that it will withdraw the last of its troops from Mongolia over the next two years.

The official news agency Tass said remaining Soviet combat troops would be pulled out in 1991 and military units supervising the withdrawal of military hardware would leave the year after.

"Under an agreement between the Soviet and Mongolian governments, the Soviet Union will withdraw all its troops from Mongolia in 1991-1992," Tass said in report from Ulan Bator on the Soviet-Mongolian talks.

The Soviet Union announced last March that it is withdrawing three-quarters of its 65,000 troops stationed in Mongolia, located between the Soviet Union and China. The partial pullout began in May and will be completed by the end of the year. Soviet troops were first sent to Mongolia in 1966.

The Kremlin agreed Monday to pull out the last of its 73,500 troops from Czechoslovakia by July 1 next year. The Soviet Union is also negotiating with Hungary on the final withdrawal of troops still stationed there.

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