Plenty (WGN Sunday at 5 p.m.): Fred...

Plenty (WGN Sunday at 5 p.m.): Fred Schepisi's coolly brilliant portrait of an Englishwoman (Meryl Streep, remarkable as usual) whose finest hour, like that of her country, occurs during World War II. (2:00)

A Cry in the Dark (Cinemax Sunday at 8 p.m., Thursday at noon): Once again under Schepisi's direction Streep is even better, possibly never better, as Lindy Chamberlain, an actual Australian housewife whose religious rigor and refusal to play to the crowd finds her accused of the murder of her own baby. (2:00)

Married to the Mob (TMC Wednesday at 8 p.m.): Delightful, action-filled 1988 Jonathan Demme comedy starring Michelle Pfeiffer as a Mafia widow on the run with a bumbling Matthew Modine but pursued by Dean Stockwell's amusingly lecherous don. (2:00)

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