Clipboard researched by Elena Brunet, Dallas M. Jackson and Janice L. Jones / Los Angeles Times; Graphics by Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times

Five years ago the Orange County Auto Show outgrew Anaheim Convention Center and was moved to the Anaheim Stadium parking lot. Since then attendance has steadily climbed, going over the 200,000 mark this year. Since 1986, nearly 800,000 people have attended the show. However, the annual percentage increase in attendance fell precipitously this year, to less than half last year's mark.

FIVE-YEAR ATTENDANCE RECORD '86: 110,000 '90: 207,000 Total attendance: 780,000 Average attendance: 156,000 FOUR-YEAR PERCENTAGE INCREASE 1987: 13.6 1988: 20.6 1989: 23.8 1990: 10.7 Attendance increase between 1986 and 1990: 88% Average annual attendance increase: 17.2% Note: Figures are paid attendance, rounded to the nearest thousand. Source: Auto Dealer Shows, Inc.

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