Removal of Ovaries Not a Good Solution

Instead of promulgating the removal of women's ovaries as preventive therapy for possible ovarian cancer, why doesn't Dr. Philip DiSaia of UC Irvine use his considerable influence to help speed up research in the extremely lucrative cancer field to find a cure?

That would be a much better path than castrating females. Does the good doctor have any idea how it feels for a woman to be without organs or glands which are of tantamount importance to her mental and physical well-being?

The estrogen supplements recommended in this article are a poor substitute for the real thing. My wife is one of those unfortunate people who had her ovaries removed (along with everything else in the reproductive system) and her life has been sheer hell. The estrogen supplements cause her to bloat, develop hypertension, impair her vision and have a negative impact on her libido. Without estrogen supplements she is forgetful, nervous, has pain in her joints and cannot sleep. It is an existence--not a life. I have dedicated my life to helping her because I see and feel her pain.


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