Ruling on Agents

What a way to start March, with the front-page article, "Court Slashes Constitutional Curbs on U.S. Agents Abroad" (March 1). It is amazing to see how our government has used its power to try and control the world. We start to see peace everywhere and what happens? Our judiciary guts our Constitution.

Is this how we want other countries to act? What do we do when foreign nations turn the tables on us? If the Constitution and its Bill of Rights were good enough for Jefferson, Madison, et al, what gives William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, and company (the current U.S. Supreme Court) the right to change it now?

I find the recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court to be deplorable and can't believe that the people of this country find relief in the decisions our Supreme Court has been making. In my opinion, we need to rethink the competence of these people who are appointed to interpret the law for us. I do not support expanded freedom for the DEA and other federal agencies in other countries. We are not God and I detest our government thinking we are.

It is amazing to me that as the builders of the Berlin Wall are dismantling it in favor of greater freedoms, the custodians of our own Wall of Freedom (the U.S. Constitution) are also dismantling it piece by piece, in favor of lesser freedoms.



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