Rostenkowski's Deficit Plan

In response to "No Reason to Laugh at Rosty's Plan," editorial, March 13:

Apparently The Times supports Rep. Dan Rostenkowski's (D-Ill.) plan to cut the federal deficit to zero in four years. The Times and Rostenkowski also supported the way our government tried to finance the (now defunct Medicare) catastrophic health care plan.

God knows something has to be done about our awful national debt but why involve seniors and Social Security? It is a well-known fact that our government continually "dips" into our Social Security fund in order to support this debt but this doesn't seem to be enough.

Two of Rostenkowski's proposal have merit, i.e., eliminate the "tax bubble" so the wealthy would pay at least as much as families who have a taxable income of $78,000 to $185,000. Also Rostenkowski's proposal of cutting military spending by 3%. But this is far too little. Because of the drastic changes in the world it would seem there should be far less spent for defense and a lot more made available for the great many domestic problems--and without disturbing or involving Social Security or its recipients!

The Times is in a splendid position to "champion" these causes but seemingly you feel it is in your best interest to "party" with the "better half"! How sad!


Los Angeles

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