Some Advice for the Friends of Westwood

Laura Lake has done it again. I suspect she is a publicity seeker and has continuing political ambitions. Councilman (Zev) Yaroslavsky arranges a meeting to discuss very preliminary plans of 20th Century Fox to develop their studio rather than the 2,200 condominiums. Laura quickly has a quote, a brash generalization in the Los Angeles Times.

Laura and I both have doctorate degrees. My training provided that one did not reach conclusions until exhaustive research had been accomplished. Four veteran board members of the Tract 7260 Assn., along with representatives of the Beverly-Angeles and Cheviot Hills associations, met with Fox representatives at the invitation of Councilman Yaroslavsky to hear the proposal of Fox to develop their lot as a low-rise, campus-type of facility rather than the 2,200 condominium provided in the Century City South Plan.

The notion that a low-rise studio facility might generate less traffic than the 2,200 condominiums deserves consideration. Part of the proposal is that a traffic engineer, acceptable to the homeowners, would be employed to provide accurate traffic projection figures.

I know that Laura Lake was not invited to Yaroslavsky’s March 5 meeting. It is a stretch of the imagination to suggest that Westwood includes the Fox lot. I suggest that Friends of Westwood remain in their own back yard. Westwood needs them!



Tract 7260 Assn.