Spread the Burden of Rent Control

I think 11 years is a long enough period of time to force rental property owners (landlords) to subsidize the renters of the city of Santa Monica.

It is time to choose another minority group to oppress in this manner. I suggest that all city of Santa Monica employees take over the job for the next 11 years.

It could be accomplished easily. Simply lop off 40% of the paychecks of all city employees, including, but not limited to, City Council members and Rent Control Board employees and commissioners. All of the funds would then be placed in an interest bearing account and at the beginning of each month, every renter in the city could line up outside of City Hall in order to receive his or her fair share of the loot.

I believe this scheme would appeal to everyone concerned. The landlords would receive market-rate rents, the city employees would finally get to do themselves what they have been forcing landlords to do for the past 11 years, and the renters would still be paid good money just for choosing to live in Santa Monica.


Santa Monica

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