Drugs and Schools: The Perspective of 1 Student

These days drugs are being bought and sold each day in schools, on the street and even at public places. It is up to us to keep drugs off of our streets, and our children. Drugs have been a major problem to us. We are losing innocent people each day. We all have to teach our children not to use drugs.

In schools they are now having undercover cops to make sure everything is under control and there are no drug dealers selling drugs to students. More students are dropping out of school these days. Students say school is a joke, and they say who needs education.

George Bush should not give any aid to these countries who support drug leaders. Anyone who gets caught selling or buying drugs should be locked up in prison for at least a (minimum) of two years, because we don't need anyone who takes drugs in this world.

I made a commitment to myself to never use drugs or even touch them, because I know what they can do to you. This is an anti-drug message for the people all around the world. Be smart, don't start.

And for the students in school here is one for you. Be cool, stay in school. And our world will be a better, peaceful place for us if we just give a hand. We all can help out in this drug problem that we now live in. Please help our society and our children.


ninth grade,

Duarte High School

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