‘Predator’ Director Drags Actor off Live Show

From Times Wire Services

Actor Ruben Blades was in the middle of a live television interview today on the movie set of “Predator II” when the film director abruptly intervened and told Blades it was time to shoot.

“Good Morning America” host Joan Lunden had just begun interviewing Blades about the violent, action picture, which also stars his friend Danny Glover, when movie director Steven Hopkins suddenly appeared.

Hopkins told an embarrassed Blades it was time to begin shooting his scene, then he stood in front of the ABC-TV camera and yanked the earplug from Blades’ ear and ordered him back on the set.

“As you can see,” a startled Lunden told viewers, “the director of the film carries a lot of weight.”


The “Good Morning America” audience could hear Blades say, “Sorry,” as the microphone was removed from his chest.

“Well, it is a movie about violence,” said Lunden, who filled in the remaining time with anecdotes about the hazards of live television interviews.

“I think people are very understanding of the uncertainties of live television,” said Charles Gibson, co-host of “Good Morning America.”