Hanoi Officials See Vietnam Memorial

From a Times Staff Writer

A group of Vietnamese officials seeking private donations for orphanages visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Friday, accompanied by a U.S. veteran of the Southeast Asian conflict.

The visiting delegation was headed by Vu Khac Nhu, a representative of Hanoi’s foreign ministry, and included Nguyen Van Chi, director of social welfare for Ho Chi Minh City.

They were accompanied by Jan Scruggs, founder of the memorial; Ed Miles, who lost both legs in the war, and Cherie Clark, secretary of the International Mission of Hope, which sponsored the Vietnamese visitors’ trip to the United States.

Clark, a resident of Denver, was scheduled to meet today with a State Department official to discuss efforts to raise private funds in the United States for Vietnam’s services for children.


“We are promoting private humanitarian aid for Vietnam,” one U.S. official said. “The Vietnamese government is cooperating with us on issues such as emigration and the repatriation of the remains of U.S. servicemen.”

The United States still does not recognize the Hanoi regime, however, and the official said there has been no proposal to provide U.S. government aid to Vietnam.