NAMES IN THE NEWS : Sisters Rivals on ‘Wonder Years’


Danica McKellar, Winnie Cooper on ABC’s “Wonder Years,” is a polite 15-year-old who gets A’s in school. Perfect casting, right?

“I’m not Winnie,” Danica said in the April 28 issue of TV Guide. “Winnie is perfect. She has no faults. And she does what the script says.”

Danica was cast as the potential love interest of series star Fred Savage just days before “The Wonder Years” started shooting. It came down to two candidates, Danica and her 13-year-old sister, Crystal.


“It was practically a tossup,” said casting head Mary Buck. “But finally they picked Danica.”

Crystal has appeared on the show as Winnie’s rival, Becky.

“We don’t compete,” Danica said. “We each give a performance and do the best we can, and it’s up to the producers.”