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Memorial Day weekend offers the briskness of spring and the suggestion of those warmer months to come. Men may get their white dinner jackets out of storage.

The following chart shows round-trip air fares to San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Denver and Kansas City from John Wayne Airport. For those venturing north of the border, fares for Vancouver have been included. Fares are for departure on Friday, May 25, and returning Monday, May 28.

Two quotes are listed for each destination. The first quote is the lowest fare available, with various restrictions; the second is for unrestricted coach. See notes below.

Destination Fares Airlines SAN FRANCISCO $145 / $562 American, US Air / United VANCOUVER $300.45 / $866.04 Delta, Alaska Airlines WASHINGTON, DC $398 / $1152 TWA, American, Northwest* CHICAGO $405 / $1174 American, Northwest, Continental / United MIAMI $328 / $1268 American, TWA, Delta / Northwest, United DALLAS $416 / $976 American, Delta* DENVER $322 / $730 Continental KANSAS CITY, Mo. $260 / $1044 America West, US Air / TWA, American PHOENIX $91 / $134 US Air / US Air, America West


-- Fares do not include the local fuel surcharge collected by some airports. Fares are provided for information only and are subject to availability and change daily. Some restrictions may apply.

-- All fares subject to change and price quotes subject to availability at time of purchase.

* These airlines have both the highest and lowest fares.

Source: Official Airline Guide Electronic Edition