SHORT TAKES : Bowie’s Ex-Wife Alleges She Caught Him in Bed With Jagger

<i> From Times Wire Services</i>

The former wife of rock superstar David Bowie said today that she caught her husband and Mick Jagger fully naked in bed.

Angela Bowie made the disclosure on “The Joan Rivers Show” after much prodding from another guest, outspoken New York disc jockey Howard Stern.

“I caught him in bed with men several times. In fact the best time I caught him in bed was with Mick Jagger,” Angela Bowie said.

“They had their clothes off?” Stern asked.


“They certainly did,” Angela replied.

Representatives of Bowie, the star of rock concerts, films and Broadway’s “The Elephant Man"--and Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones and one of the greats of rock, did not return telephone calls seeking comment.

Angela Bowie had been under a 10-year gag order as part of their divorce agreement Feb. 10, 1980. She received a $700,000 settlement, paid out over 10 years. The order expired April 1.

She said she found Bowie and Jagger in bed when she walked into her bedroom after returning from a trip. “There were two people in my room,” she said. “I think they were composing ‘Angie’ "--Jagger’s No. 1 hit in 1973, which laments the end of a love affair.