Irvine-Based AST Agrees to Five-Year Technology-Exchange Pact With IBM

From a Times Staff Writer

AST Research Inc. signed a licensing agreement with International Business Machines Corp. that allows the companies to exchange patented technology, the companies said Thursday.

Under the agreement, the Irvine personal computer maker will make fixed payments to IBM over a five-year period. The broad agreement covers computers, peripheral products, communications gear and related products.

“We view this agreement as recognition of our expanding patent portfolio and an acknowledgment of the technological contributions AST has made in the computer industry,” said Safi Qureshey, AST’s president and chief executive.

Details of the agreement were not disclosed, but AST said it has set aside 1% of personal computer sales since July, 1988, in anticipation of such licensing payments. AST said the funds set aside during that period are sufficient to cover the payments owed to IBM.


Qureshey said the agreement will enhance AST’s product development efforts.