CBS Wins Its First Ratings Race Since ’88

From Times Wire Services

CBS finally won a week outright in the ratings race, the first time the network has had undisputed title to first place since the week of June 19, 1988, it was reported today.

The network did tie for first place once since then, the week in February, 1989, when “Lonesome Dove” aired.

CBS accomplished its win despite only one show in the top 10--its Sunday movie, “Shattered Dreams,” which came in seventh.

ABC, which was in third place for the week, had the top three shows--"America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Part 1 was first, followed by “Roseanne” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Part 2.


The other Sunday movies were “Platoon” on ABC, tied for 27th, and the first installment of the two-part “People Like Us” on NBC, tied for 59th.

CBS was helped by Monday’s “Face to Face with Connie Chung,” which landed in 20th place, an outstanding performance for a news show debut. The show with the same format, “Saturday Night With Connie Chung,” was tied for 77th.


Here are the ratings for national prime-time television last week (May 7-13), as compiled by A. C. Nielsen Co.:

1. Funniest Videos (ABC): 20.6

2. Roseanne (ABC): 18.9

3. Funniest: Part II (ABC): 18.3

4. Cheers (NBC): 17.6

5. Empty Nest (NBC): 16.9

The Cosby Show (NBC): 16.9

7. Shattered Dreams (CBS): 16.8

8. A Different World (NBC): 16.3

9. The Wonder Years (ABC): 16.2

10. The Golden Girls (NBC): 16.0