A roundup of business developments spotted...

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A roundup of business developments spotted by other publications.

Open Doors: Wood products companies in the Northwest are jumping to take advantage of a new trade agreement between the United States and Japan. Bohemia Inc. of Eugene, Ore., expects to double its laminated beam exports to $1.5 million this year, TJ International Corp. of Idaho expects Japan to certify a lumber products plant in Oregon, clearing the way for exports, and Weyerhaeuser says it will ship products out of Klamath Falls, Ore. A possible hitch involves wording in the agreement about extenuating circumstances under which Japan can stall product certification procedures. But the companies hope to establish themselves before Japan exercises such options. The Oregonian

Cellular Rentals: Drivers may be using their car phones slightly less, but overall use of cellular phones shows little sign of softening. One reason is the burgeoning rental market. A typical company charges less than $10 a day, plus 99 cents a minute on top of transmission costs. Consumers spent $1.8 billion on cellular-related services in 1989, up from $1.1 billion the previous year; subscribers rose to 3.5 million from 2.1 million. With new uses and expanding technology, the industry may be years away from maturity. Boston Business Journal, Atlanta Constitution, Boston Globe