Health Insurance

Your editorial (“Sacramento Senses All of Symptoms,” May 4) highlights the legislative attention focused on addressing California’s health insurance crisis, an issue of top priority in the Assembly.

During the 1989 legislative session, I introduced Assembly Bill 350, a proposal to provide health insurance to approximately 2.6 million uninsured Californians. The measure was signed by the governor and led to the creation of an Administration-appointed task force.

This year, I have introduced, along with Assemblyman Burt Margolin (D-Los Angeles), Assembly Bill 3032. This bill seeks to implement the recommendations of the governor’s task force, including a proposal to provide expanded access to health care for approximately 4.4 million Californians.

Throughout my legislative career and including my tenure as Speaker of the Assembly, the Legislature, particularly the Assembly, has always demonstrated leadership in expanding access to basic health care for all Californians. We’ve already been successful in these efforts and are committed to meeting this state’s continued health care needs.


What drives us, however, is not the results of The Times or other public opinion polls, but the needs of our constituents and the desire of all Californians to have safe, reliable and affordable health care.


D-San Francisco