Nash Bodyguard Jurors Deadlock, to Try Again

Jurors in the trial of a former bodyguard charged in the 1981 murders of four people in a Laurel Canyon home announced a deadlock Tuesday but Superior Court Judge Curtis Rappe ordered them to resume deliberations in hopes of averting a mistrial.

The jury had said it was split 8 to 2, with the two remaining jurors undecided. The panel, which has been deliberating for more than two weeks, did not say whether it was leaning toward a guilty verdict or acquittal.

Gregory Diles, 41, a former bodyguard for one-time nightclub owner Eddie Nash, 61, is charged with the bludgeoning murders of four people and the attempted murder of a fifth person inside the Laurel Canyon residence on July 1, 1981. A separate jury hearing the case against Nash deadlocked 11-1 for guilt May 16 and a mistrial was declared.