RETAIL / TOURISM : Carl’s Jr. Replaces Old Glory Decals With a Flagpole and the Real Thing

Compiled by Chris Woodyard, Times staff writer

Carl Karcher Enterprises is a company known for wearing its patriotism on its sleeve--or at least its windows.

For years, the company has stuck large decals of Old Glory on the front windows of its Carl’s Jr. restaurants. And now, the stickers have all but disappeared.

A sign of flagging interest in the American dream? Hardly.

The Anaheim-based chain has installed a flagpole at 349 of its older locations in Southern California. Now it has begun making the same improvement at 60 restaurants in Northern California, said Patricia Parks, a company spokeswoman. Each will fly two flags from its new pole.


“It’s the American flag on top and Carl’s flag below,” Parks said, adding that the company has always strived to show its support for the free enterprise system.

The flag-waving spirit at Carl’s goes beyond just the flagpoles. The company still opens its annual shareholders meeting with a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, Parks added.