Westwood : Recycling at UCLA

UCLA has launched a solid-waste recycling program that has resulted in a diversion of 72% of its waste from landfills during March and April, said university spokeswoman Darlene Doriot Skeels.

The effort to efficiently dispose of UCLA’s monthly 600 tons of waste while diverting it away from overburdened landfills has been under way since January, Skeels said in a written release.

A commercial vendor was hired to separate recyclable products.

About half of the university’s waste is paper products. The paper waste is converted into pulp for reuse in products such as egg cartons, Skeels said.


Skeels said that, starting next month, all paper towels dispensed in campus restrooms will be made from recycled paper. And recycling bins for glass, plastics and aluminum cans will be placed around campus.