Raisa Gorbachev

It is reported that about 15% of the Wellesley College student body have protested the invitation to Barbara Bush to speak at their commencement exercises. On the other hand, Raisa Gorbachev appears to be welcome without dissent by these young women.

Mrs. Bush, wife of our President, has traveled all over the world, moves among people of great accomplishment and influence with ease, has lived in China and several of our various states, reared five children successfully, actively supported her husband's business and political careers, has a loving and enduring marriage, and is currently the official hostess for the White House. So what the hell could she possibly have to say to these hip kids?

Mrs. Gorbachev graduated from college in the Soviet Union, and has taught school there. She, too, has done some traveling, and appears to have an enduring marriage. However, by her own words, she is an avowed Marxist. A woman in her 50s, she supports communism, a demonstrably failed, bankrupt political philosophy sustained by terrorism. In other words, this is a woman who has been wrong all her life. So what the hell could she possibly have to say these hip kids? Recant, huh? I'm sure.



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