Ryzhkov Hurt in Traffic Accident

United Press International

Prime Minister Nikolai I. Ryzhkov was slightly injured Wednesday in a collision between his limousine and a military troop bus, the official Tass news agency reported Thursday.

One of the 20 soldiers in the bus and one of the people traveling with Ryzhkov were also hurt, Tass said. Details of the injuries were not made public, but Tass said that all were minor.

Boris Koryakovtsev, chief of the Interior Ministry road inspection department, told Tass the accident occurred on the Rublev-Uspensk highway west of downtown Moscow.

Tass said the military bus was heading toward the convoy that included Ryzhkov's limousine. When one of the escort cars in the convoy flashed its lights, the bus driver swerved to the right, hit a curb and lost control.

"The bus spun and blocked the road, prompting the collision," Tass said. "According to the information of the militia, the accident was due to the lack of experience of the military driver."

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