OXNARD : City Has Interest in Tax Exemption Bill

The financially beleaguered city of Oxnard will consider Tuesday a resolution urging state legislators to approve a bill that would add about $200,000 annually to city coffers by making the municipal River Ridge Golf Course exempt from property taxes.

The bill sponsored by state Sen. Leroy Greene (D-Carmichael) would include golf courses in the definition of government-owned properties that are exempt from state taxes, such as parks and playgrounds.

Earlier this year, the State Board of Equalization declared that golf courses owned by government agencies could not be declared exempt from state property taxes. The ruling is expected to cost the financially stricken city almost $200,000 in taxes annually, city officials said.

Oxnard may have to drastically cut personnel and services to avoid a $2.8-million deficit next year.


State law exempts from property taxes city halls, courthouses, administration buildings, parks, playgrounds and fire stations.

A spokeswoman for Greene said the senator wrote the bill because his hometown of Sacramento is considering developing a golf course and would like it to be tax-exempt.

She said the bill was recently approved unanimously by the state Senate but has not been introduced in the Assembly. “It’s not a particularly controversial bill,” she said.