SIMI VALLEY : Water-Saving Law Targets New Projects

The Simi Valley City Council voted Monday to require all new construction projects to use ultra-low flush toilets and urinals.

The 5-0 vote makes the ordinance effective July 5.

Ronald Coons, director of Simi Valley’s Department of Public Works, said the new ordinance will save 14,000 gallons of water from the amount that would be used by conventional toilets in each new building.

Coons said the ultra-low flush toilets use about 1.6 gallons per flush, compared with about 3.5 gallons in a standard toilet. The new urinals use one gallon of water per flush, about a gallon less than the amount used by a standard urinal.


State law mandates that water conservation fixtures be installed in all construction projects beginning in 1992.

Coons said that adopting such an ordinance now will help the city and the county avoid passing more drastic water-rationing measures later.

Ventura County and the cities of Ventura, Ojai, Oxnard, Fillmore and Thousand Oaks have already adopted similar ordinances. The cities of Port Hueneme and Moorpark also are considering such measures.