Activist Says He’ll Back Man He Hit on TV

From Associated Press

A black activist punched a white supremacist on camera in a television studio, then endorsed him over a black candidate for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.

Robert (Say) McIntosh said he wanted to get back at runoff candidate Ralph Forbes for preventing him from burning an American flag in a demonstration on the steps of the state Capitol last July.

“That’s for stepping on my rights!” McIntosh told Forbes after he stopped hitting the candidate and got up off the studio floor at KARK. The station aired the fracas on its evening newscast.

McIntosh said he did not hit Forbes, who supports segregation, because of his views on race.


Forbes said later that he would press charges, and McIntosh said he was going to vote for Forbes in the runoff.

Forbes and a black real estate salesman, Kenneth (Muskie) Harris, are vying for the GOP nomination in the June 12 runoff election. Forbes got 46% of the vote and Harris got 36% in last week’s primary.

“I’ve always favored white people who will tell you they don’t like you,” McIntosh said. “If he prosecutes me, I’m still going to vote for him. I’m going to vote for the man for telling the truth of how he believes.

“Mr. Forbes can’t do black people no harm; he hasn’t got any money,” McIntosh said. He offered no other reason for his endorsement of Forbes.


News producer Melinda Dunston said police were called, but officers refused to make an arrest because they had not seen what happened.