Young Cruisers and Boredom

Re “Curbing Cruisers” (June 3): The article on cruising seemed absurd but faintly familiar of my high school days. The article tries to blame the purpose of cruising on showing off one’s car.

That may be true to a certain extent, but I know the real reason. What are teen-agers supposed to do on a weekend night? I can remember sitting at my friend’s house on a Saturday night all dressed up with no place to go. If you are not 21, there is really nowhere to hang out.

Balboa was always our last resort if there was nothing else going on. Movies get old, and the Family Fun Center in Fountain Valley is for people 14 years old and younger, so what do people expect?

It’s funny because those working in the entertainment industry are well over 21 and have forgotten about the lack of options for teen-agers. They only focus on 21-and-over clubs, since alcohol brings in money.


Sure, there are 18-and-over clubs in Los Angeles, but if you have a midnight curfew, that is out of the question.

I have not forgotten those days, thanks to my 16-year-old sister who complains about the same problems.

A solution for bored teen-agers who have nothing better to do than cruise the Balboa Peninsula or Lucky Supermarket on a Saturday night is to get a fake ID. Better than that, and more in accord with the law, 16-and-over clubs or entertainment centers should be started so they have someplace to go and are no longer considered troublemakers.



Huntington Beach