VENTURA : Teachers Call for Caldarelli to Resign

A majority of Ventura teachers have voted to express no confidence in the management style of Supt. Cesare Caldarelli and ask for his resignation, teachers union officials announced Tuesday night.

Jerry Mittelholtz, president of the 660-member Ventura Unified Educators Assn., said 93% of the 524 union members who voted favored the no-confidence resolution.

It said Caldarelli “has failed to provide effective educational leadership and management skills, and has failed to develop the trust of and the positive working relationship with teachers” and other school employees. It asked the board to demand his resignation.

Union officials said the vote reflects teachers’ discontent over their recently ratified contract.


Caldarelli has come under fire by school and district administrators during his two-year tenure as superintendent.

A union document supporting the resolution includes allegations of “bullying, shooting from the hip, and intimidation” by Caldarelli, as well as “destroying staff morale” and “failing to assume leadership in developing educational plans.”

The union also accused Caldarelli of not being prudent with district funds, of wasting time and energy on “the incoherent document ‘Vision 2000,’ ” the district’s 10-year plan, and failing to complete projects.