SHORT TAKES : Travis’ Kin ‘Walked on Water’

<i> From Times Wire Services </i>

Country music star Randy Travis says his current single record, “He Walked on Water,” brings back memories of his own grandfather.

The song is about a boy’s relationship with his great-grandfather and was written by Allen Shamblin.

“I had a grandfather that I can relate that to, very much so,” Travis said. “I used to ride with him on the tractor and go with him in his car everywhere he went, ride on the horse if he was plowing with the horse.”


He says once he ran over his grandfather’s hat with his bicycle after being warned to be careful.

“He caught me by the arm, jerked me off that bicycle and popped me one time real good,” Travis said. “I ran off and got a few feet from him and picked up a handful of rocks and started throwing them at him. So he started throwing them back at me.

“It was funny, neighbors driving by and here’s this man--he was about 60 at that time--and his grandkid out there throwing rocks at each other.”