TUSTIN : New Schools Budget Includes Shortfall

The Tustin Unified School District’s tentative $44.7-million budget adopted by the school board this week includes a $2.1-million shortfall.

District officials anticipate that expenditures will exceed income by $819,000. A state requirement for a 3% reserve is responsible for the remainder of the shortfall.

“It’s a shortfall when you just talk about revenues and expenditures,” said Chief Business Administrator Paul Fisher. But the expected beginning and ending balances are positive, he said.

“Things are tight but we have a balanced budget,” Fisher said.


The bulk of the budget--85%--will be spent on salaries and benefits, with 14% devoted to materials and services. The budget includes money to hire 11 new teachers to accommodate an increase in students.

District officials anticipate an average daily attendance of 10,782 students, up 290 from the previous year.

The final budget will be presented Sept. 4 after a public hearing.